This extreme workout is extremely ‘pressing’

( As guys, we can all appreciate the look and feel of a swole chest. We know the ladies like to look at – and touch – a guy’s well-defined chest, also.

So naturally, every extreme fitness program should include some chest work. In fact, many of the extreme workouts posted here contain elements of chest, without focusing specifically on the body part. For example, when we throw dips in with our daily extreme, they not only work portions of your triceps but they are great chest builders too.

Training your chest to exhaustion not only awakens muscle fibers for growth, it also adds to the gassing effect of the extreme fitness workout. Pushing weight is tiring, but it also builds muscle.

So add a weight bench-type or pec-dec/flies movement into your extreme workout at least once a week.

Let’s get to it, and remember, do this workout with as little rest between sets as possible. Strength AND endurance.


5 rounds

— bench press to exhaustion (single 45lb plate on each side; kick it midway through by adding 10 lbs to each side) – 10-15 reps/each

— Bent-over row machine (1o reps)


5 rounds

— kettle bell swings (10 reps)

— ladder climber (30 seconds)

— medicine ball slams (20 lb ball/10 reps)


5 rounds

— treadmill sprints (30 seconds, start at 8.0 mph and work up to 10 mph)

Extra credit:

— 20 burpees

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