The one extreme fitness workout that will ‘push’ you to your limit

( Ever wonder how those NFL and college football linemen can play an entire game essentially pushing each other around? What leg and upper body strength that must entail, right? And endurance.

That is especially true at the pro level. These guys have lots of power and they are able to utilize it for much of a 60-minute game.

So, granted, while you and I aren’t going to be playing pro ball anytime soon, we can achieve similar levels of strength and endurance as the big boys on the O- and D-lines. All you need is the desire to maximize your fitness…and a vehicle.

Rich and I did some pushing ourselves the other day as part of our extreme fitness workout – we pushed his Jeep up and down a parking lot down the street from our gym. We’ve done this before; we started last summer pushing my Chrysler 200 around. Not sure which one is heavier, but both of them will give you an outstanding strength-and-endurance workout.

And, as you can see in the photo above, Rich wore his weight vest for extra extreme. Find an empty parking lot, put your car in neutral and make sure you have a friend steering.

This is for real – not just some gimmick move that doesn’t really produce any results. Men’s Health reports that research shows pushing a car while it’s in neutral is a training technique that helps increase athletic work capacity. In other words, regularly pushing a vehicle can help you put in more sets and reps before fatigue sets in.

Add it to your extreme fitness workout and make it a regular part of your extreme fitness cycle. You’ll start seeing results in weeks, not months.

Here’s how Rich and I incorporated this extreme exercise into a recent extreme fitness workout:

First, for strength/endurance:

— Auto push (30 yards)

5 rounds; rest in between your turn to push

Next, at the gym:

5 rounds each, w/little-to-no rest:

— rowing machine (30 seconds)

— medicine ball slams (sets of 10 – 18 lb ball)

— 10 burpees


4 rounds heavy bag, 1-minute rounds of continuous punching

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