Low-impact aerobic exercise can rehabilitate your spine and alleviate your pain

Contrary to what you may think and feel, the best way to deal with back pain is not to rest and wait until it goes away. Instead, a Spine-Health article recommends that you strengthen your spine and lower back through low-impact aerobic exercises.

Don’t get us wrong. Short periods of rest are fine. However, they are a short-term solution for chronic lower back pain.

Resting for longer than 48 hours will aggravate your back condition. In turn, this will make future episodes much more painful than they already are.

Instead of taking long periods of rest, it would be better to consider aerobic exercises that impart minimal stress upon your stress. These low-impact exercises include exercise biking and the ubiquitous walking.

Low-impact aerobic exercises can rehabilitate the spine and back. By making them stronger, they will be less susceptible to pain and injury. (Related: Hypertensive patients greatly benefit from aerobic exercise: Study.)

Get your blood pumping with these low-stress exercises

Aerobic exercise is designed to increase the flow of blood throughout the body. Blood delivers important stuff like oxygen and nutrients to the body parts that need them.

The lower back is one of the regions that benefit from this improved blood flow. It receives more nutrients that it can use to repair the damage to its muscles. This raises the efficiency of its healing, which can result in a significant drop in stiffness and pain.

Low-impact exercises have the added benefit of causing as little harm to the spine as possible. The spine is pretty sturdy as it is, but reducing the constant wear and tear on it would free up energy that usually goes into healing it.

Taking up these aerobic exercises on a daily basis will bring many health benefits to you. First and foremost, they will decrease the chances of lower back pain. They will also reduce the amount of pain during an attack.

Second, they can maintain the functional capacity of your body. You will not lose the capability to perform activities that you enjoy or must perform.

Third, low-impact aerobic exercises encourage the release of endorphins. These natural chemicals can inhibit pain. They can help wean you off any pharmaceutical drug that you have been relying on to suppress the pain.

Endorphins have the added bonuses of lifting your mood and countering symptoms associated with depression. This is particularly important given many patients with lower back pain are prone to moodiness.

Keep your body moving through low-impact aerobic exercises

So you have decided to do something about your chronic lower back pain. You plan to take up a low-impact aerobic exercise. What are your options?

Well, there is walking, the oldest means of human transportation. But what if you don’t have time to spare for walking, or find it too painful to walk for too long?

If there is a swimming pool near your home, you can use it for water therapy. Walk from one end of the pool to another. The water will help support your weight.

Do you prefer to stay dry and on land? A stationary bike is your best bet. You can either acquire one for yourself or go to a gym with your friends.

You can also get an elliptical trainer. It moves your legs in a continuous circular motion over the ground, allowing you to exercise while taking the strain off your spine.

No matter the method you choose, try to work out five times each week. Aim for a minimum of 20 minutes of low-impact aerobic exercise each day. Your spin and lower back will thank you for it.

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