Your extreme fitness workout should include this ‘flipping’ exercise

( Extreme fitness combines strength training and aerobic workouts in a high-intensity, quick-paced environment, and one of the best exercises for that is flipping tires.

In fact, fitness experts say it is one of the best exercises for improving your overall strength and aerobic fitness.

“Tire training is one of the best total body strength and conditioning workouts that a person can do. You use your total body when you flip the tire, and by varying the distance you flip the tire and time you flip the tire you can get a great aerobic workout,” reports

“This is a good way to maintain a decent load on the posterior chain so you don’t lose those gains from all of the deadlifts you have been doing,” adds Mens Fitness.

“Flipping tires is a cheap, scalable way to build strength and increase aerobic capacity. Best of all, you can learn the move quickly,” noted Muscle & Fitness.

Flipping tires is pretty much a full-body workout: Upper body and shoulders, chest, biceps, glutes and legs. Doing a lot of them, and as rapidly as possible, also builds great lung capacity.

Remember, the primary objective of extreme fitness is to move fairly quickly through these workouts; at most they should take you 25-30 minutes to complete. And if you hold true to the spirit of the workout, you’ll be sucking wind by the time you finish, and that’s the point. These workouts are designed to not only improve your stamina and overall fitness, but to increase your strength as well.

So, there you have it. Now, without further ado, is today’s extreme fitness workout:

— 50 tire flips (like this – but find one you can handle) (5 sets of 10)

— 80 10-12 pound sledge hammer strikes (use your tire) (4 sets of 20)

Rest 60 seconds in between each set – but a “set” consists of your 10 tire flips immediately followed by your 20 hammer strikes)

Next, for 5 sets each:

— 12-15 reps with seated bench press machine

— 8-10 dips

— 20 sec. combat ropes

Rest for 60 seconds; a “set” consists of curls/swings/climbers in quick succession.

— Finish with 4 30-second runs on the treadmill; speed: 8.6 mph.

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