Rise of the home gym: Fitness made convenient and inexpensive

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(USA Features) Working out at home is no longer a costly affair. That’s because compared to gyms, home fitness equipment, in the long run, is a lot cheaper. Moreover, the added advantages that home workouts have over gyms are why people everywhere are turning to home gyms. Depending on what is your goal, you can set up a home gym for around $1,000.

One of the simplest fitness regimes that you can apply at home is body weight training. All one needs for this is a mat and nothing else. Exercises such as push ups and sit ups are among a few routines that work best. You can also do handstand pushups against a wall for shoulders, and use a couple of sturdy chairs for dips.

However, personal trainers insist that this is not enough to add muscle mass since the body will eventually get used to the body weight routine. After a few days or months, the gain in mass will plateau and that is when newer strategies are required. But here again, fitness equipment for bulking up is inexpensive and small. Weights, resistance bands and weight benches are a few pieces of equipment that most trainers advice for use at home, and that will get you past your plateaus. And remember, you can always add more weights to your existing set.

A resistance band is an effective method of adding on muscle mass just as are dumbbells. A regime that uses these equipments is called “resistive weight training” and this is the fastest way to add on muscle. The idea behind these is to increase the resistance with time so that the body does not get used to the routines; just add thicker resistance bands. The same can also be achieved with body weight training routines by using strap-on weights.

If you are interested in just staying fit and healthy then home fitness equipment such as treadmills, elliptical trainers or cycle machines will fit your bill nicely. The equipment you choose will depend on what area of the body you want to enhance or what your overall fitness goals are (bulking up; improving your cardio., building strength, etc.). Elliptical trainers are particularly useful in many areas since they provide a whole-body workout. Similarly, treadmills are a terrific choice if you’ve no place to run outside or if you don’t like running when it’s too hot or too cold.

Another way to find out what may or may not suit your requirements is to visit a gym for a few days. Most gyms will let you pay a daily fee; visiting a couple of times will help you choose what you want in your home gym. You’ll want to do this because for the money you’ll spend, you don’t want to get a piece of equipment you’ll never use. Gym equipment that becomes a place to hang your jacket or your ear buds and nothing else is worthless.

Regardless of your requirements, home fitness equipments can be a better choice than paid-membership gyms. For one, you do not have to travel to a gym every day instead you can choose to exercise in the comfort of your home whenever you have the time Moreover, with a home gym, you have bought the equipment you need to meet your goals – no looking around for it at a gym. Also, at home you don’t have to wait for some guy to get off a machine or put down some weights you want to use.

Jones Kelly, Expert Articles, contributed to this report.

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